What is JagariCoinR?

JagariCoinR is a coin that adopted YescryptR24 for the first time in the world.

It is resistant to ASIC mining and GPU mining and is suitable for CPU mining.

I'm glad if it becomes one piece of your lovely mining life..

The specification of JagariCoinR is as follows.

CoinName: JagariCoinR

Symbol: JAGAR
Work Type: PoW
Algorithm: YescryptR24
Mining block Reward: 100 JAGAR
Block generation time: 120 seconds
Retarget (difficulty adjustment): 1 days (once per block)
Total Sypply: 84,000,000 JAGAR
P2P port: 10611
RPC port: 10610
Premine:about 11%*

*Eventually it will be 5% with Air Drop, Bounty, etc...

Exchange that supports JagariCoinR.




...Other coming soon.

How to download JagariCoinR Wallet.

Since Wallet has been uploaded to GitHub, download it according to your own environment.

Windows Wallet.

- Wallet for Windows is available in 32 bit version and 64 bit version.

MacOS Wallet.

- Wallet for MacOS 64bit version available. The file format is DMG format.

Linux Wallet.

- Wallet for Linux has Linux-GNU, x86_64, arm, aarch64.

Source code.

- Source code is the same as Release version.Source code is the same as Release version.


- The mining software has test versions of cpuminer, cpuminer-opt, cpuminer-multi, ccminer.

Let's go to GitHub


Other information is stated when decided.

I want to do my best to be able to answer your expectations.....(*´∀`*)

Contact Us.

If you have any questions about JagariCoinR please email us.

Also, if you want to help JagariCoinR, I would be happy if you can contact us.

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